Remembering our eighth commitment

Homes for Cathy members who are made up of housing associations and homelessness charities, are asked to do more to end homelessness by signing up to our nine aspirational commitments. With commitment number 8, focusing on ending migrant homelessness in the areas housing associations operate.

This is why we are supporting the National Housing Federation’s call to ‘to make sure those with no access to benefits or housing assistance don’t slip through the net.’ We support the NHF in their call to suspend the immigration condition that gives some people No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF).

We also support the Local Government Association’s (LGA) call for a suspension of the NRPF condition. The NHF has written a joint letter with the Chartered Institute of Housing to the Minister for Rough Sleeping and Housing, Luke Hall MP in which they are asking the government to lift restrictions on access to public funds for a period, ideally at least for a year. This would enable interim help to be given to all those experiencing and at risk of homelessness. They are also asking the government to consider granting access to Universal Credit for those with NRPF.

You can read the full letter here and find out more here.

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