Meet Simon

Simon, an ex-lorry driver, became homeless following the breakdown of his marriage.

His mental health declined rapidly and he soon found himself in a psychiatric ward. After being discharged from hospital, Simon lived in bed and breakfast. Following a few months there, he was offered temporary accommodation in Broadland’s St James’ Lodge.

This was the first time Simon came into contact with Sarah and Broadland Housing. Sarah’s support has been instrumental in helping Simon get his life back on track.  She has helped him complete his capability assessment to access the correct benefits and get his direct debits set up to ensure he keeps on top of his bills. 

Simon said, “To be completely honest, if it wasn’t for Broadland and Sarah’s support each week I would not be here today. My mental health has really suffered. I still have dark days but I don’t have suicidal thoughts as often now”

Simon went on to explain that the temporary accommodation was a life saver for him.

A year ago, almost to the day, he moved into his own flat, at the newly refurbished Alexandra House. This has given Simon the stability he needed to start rebuilding his life. Simon has been able to get a laptop through a local charity, and set up his own email with training and support from Broadland. This has given him the independence to book his own appointments and get prescriptions from his doctor’s surgery.

He has also attended a three-day workshop, which developed skills to manage his tenancy and bills and increased his confidence. 

Simon’s mental health has begun to get better and he has started thinking about his future. Sarah commented, “This is the first time since I started working with him that Simon has started talking about what his future holds for him. It is amazing to hear him actually talk about what he wants from life”.

A home and support means that Simon now has a bright future.