South / South West Housing & Homelessness Regional Workshop in partnership with BCHA


Thursday 4 February 2021



This virtual workshop will offer an opportunity for registered housing providers, local authority housing leads and organisations delivering support to people experiencing homelessness to join forces to explore a joined up approach to meeting the needs of vulnerable people in the South and South West region.


10.00 Welcome and introductions – Martin Hancock, BCHA

Martin Hancock, CEO, BCHA, will give a brief talk about the housing association and its connection with Homes for Cathy.

10.10 About Homes for Cathy & the group’s commitments – Martin Hancock, BCHA

Martin Hancock will brief attendees on the background to the Homes for Cathy group and its nine member commitments.

10.20 An alliance approach to homelessness – Gary Wallace, Plymouth City Council

Our first guest speaker, Gary Wallace, Public Health Specialist from Plymouth City Council, will discuss the benefits of working in partnership and how an alliance approach to collaboration can improve the lives of people with complex needs.

10.40 The challenges around domestic abuse – Judith Vickress, DAHA

Our second guest speaker, Judith Vickress, Development Manager at the National Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA), will explore the challenges around domestic abuse, from raising awareness to how to unblock safe houses/short term accommodation.

11.00 Refreshment break

11.10 Employability and skills training – Fayes Greaves, Centre for Homelessness Impact

Our final guest speaker, Faye Greaves, Head of Policy, Practice and Development at the Centre for Homelessness Impact, will discuss how employability and skills training can contribute to the prevention of homelessness.

11.30 Breakout room discussion on the Homes for Cathy commitments

A workshop session led by BCHA’s facilitators on the challenges and solutions for:

  • Commitment 4 – To not make any tenant seeking to prevent their homelessness, homeless (as defined by the Crisis plan definition)
  • Commitment 5 – To commit to meeting the needs of vulnerable tenant groups.
  • Commitment 6 – To work in partnership to provide a range of affordable housing options, which meet the needs of all homeless people in their local communities
11.45 Breakout room feedback

Feedback from each of the facilitators

11.55 Closing remarks

Martin Hancock, BCHA

12.00 Finish


Gary Wallace, Public Health Specialist, Plymouth City Council

Judith Vickress, Development Manager, National Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA)

Faye Greaves, Head of Policy, Practice and Development, Centre for Homelessness Impact

Martin Hancock, CEO, BCHA


To register your place, please complete the form below. The workshop will be hosted via Zoom – joining instructions to follow.