Toolkit for Commitments

Homes for Cathy NCHAs response to the UK housing crisis 2018

commitments toolkit

Meeting notes

Meeting notes 1.11.18

Meeting notes 8.6.18

Meeting notes 23.5.18

HfC Meeting notes 16.3.18 FINAL


Newsletter 7, April 2019

Newsletter 6, December 2018

Newsletter 5, September 2018

Newsletter 4, July 2018

Newsletter 3, January 2018

Newsletter 2, September 2016

Newsletter 1, July 2016

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Brand guidelines 

Homes for Cathy Brand Guidelines

For guidance on Homes for Cathy logos, fonts and colours.

Welcome pack

Welcome pack.PNG

This includes information about Homes for Cathy and sets out our commitments.

Education pack

Education pack

This education pack  is designed specifically for young people aged between 11 and 19. Modules can be done as standalone or as part of a set.