North StarEndeavour Housing Association sprung from a 1973 meeting of Teesside Churches who were concerned about un-met housing needs in the area. Endeavour was registered on 16th August 1974 and began life buying and refurbishing older terraced housing in Middlesbrough town centre before expanding across Tees Valley.

The 1974 Housing Act introduced significant state funding of housing associations for social development. The Housing Corporation at the time allocated virtually the whole costs of renovation of existing housing.

The National Housing Federation of Housing Associations and the Housing Corporation set out a training and development programme for transplanting talent from outside housing to help the newly invigorated housing associations to grow. This "flowerpot" scheme attached "flowerpot" men to housing associations for six months before being launched on an unsuspecting world. The first employee of Endeavour Kit Bartram was the pioneer of the flowerpot scheme and became Director of Endeavour in 1975.

From the start, Endeavour invested in helping those who needed it most, supporting Women’s Aid to operate from homes in Hartlepool in 1976 and setting up working groups to consider single homelessness and housing co-operatives in 1979. In 2016 Endeavour continues this work and has five women’s refuges and many supported housing schemes including those for homeless people. They also continue to support two tenant management co-operatives.

Over the years, Endeavour has grown and now works in 11 local authority areas, providing a wide range of accommodation. Known for flexibility, partnership working, community focus and adaptability, it owns and manages over 2,750 homes of which 450 are supported housing units. It has never forgotten its roots or early values, and continues to operate in very challenging urban environments, providing much more than a landlord service, including innovative community investment. A very forward thinking housing association who had tenants on the board before it was "trendy" to do so, valuing the influence and voice they brought.

North Star was established in 2006 to bring together Endeavour and Teesdale Housing Associations. Tenants and their well being are at the core of the business and North Star brings together the skills, creativity and experience of dedicated staff. They invest significantly in community activity to develop and sustain their local communities, keeping Endeavour’s core values and people centric approach at their heart.


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