CCHA Following on from Cathy Come Home, the Bishop of Croydon, John Hughes, spoke out about the plight of homeless people in the Borough. The Croydon Council of Christian Churches responded with proposals for a housing association to raise funds to buy and convert houses and CCHA was born. CCHA’s founders were drawn from local Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Methodist Churches.

By the beginning of 1967, we were registered with the National Federation of Housing Associations and our mission was to help the housing situation in Croydon by buying property and converting it to house those who are otherwise unlikely to be housed for a long time, such as elderly folk, young married couples, fatherless families etc. We have come a long way in the last five decades, we have grown from 6 to 1500 homes over four different boroughs and we have adapted as a response to the changing environment in which we operate through strategic partnerships and diversification. However, we have never lost sight of our purpose which has always been to provide good quality homes to those who need them and this is reflected in our current vision to proudly deliver excellent homes and services to our customers and communities .

Real Cathy Stories: Meet Martin ...

Martin found himself with nowhere to live after a series of personal hardships spiralled him into homelessness and unemployment.

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